Services Provided by our Consultants

Below lists our consultants in the fields that they specialise in.  Please click on their name to be taken to their profile page and further information.


Mr Rob Shepheard

Consultant Rheumatologists

Dr Joegi Thomas

Consultant Cardiologists

Dr Toomas Sarev

Consultant Gastroenterologists

Dr Anups de Silva
Dr Aamir Saleem

Consultant Occupational Physician

Dr  C K Hari Krishnan

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons

Mr Avinash Prabhu
Prof Ben Burton
Mrs Bridget Hemmant
Mr Craig Goldsmith
Mr Tom Butler

Consultant Urology Surgeons

Mr Suresh Gupta

Consultant ENT Surgeons

Mr Junaid Hanif

Consultant Gynaecologists

Mr Nick Oligbo

Consultant Physician

Dr Venkat Mahadevan

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Deepak Rallan

Consultant General Surgeons

Professor Jerome Pereira
Mr Kamal Aryal
Mr Roshan Lal
Mr Vivek Chitre

Consultant Paediatrician

Dr John Chapman

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons

Mr Adam Cohen
Mr Emeka Nnene
Mr Hersh Deo
Mr Sunil Garg

Shockwave Therapy

Mr Sam Applegate