Dr Aamir Saleem

Aamir Saleem

Dr Aamir Saleem

Consultant Gastroenterologist

James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Spire Healthcare (Norwich)
Global Diagnostics (Norwich)


EPCR Practice Manager Janet Hender 01493 601770
E mail: epcr@jpaget.nhs.uk
Personal Website: www.perfectpoop.co.uk

Professional Profile
Dr Aamir Saleem is Consultant Gastroenterologist based at James Paget University Hospital .

He is a fully trained and accredited gastroenterologist from the Royal College of Physicians in the Republic of Ireland . He has served as a medical lecturer at the Trinity College University of Dublin. He has accomplished MD in gastric polyps at the Trinity Centre for Health Sciences Adelaide and Meath Hospital Dublin.

He has presented and published widely on H pylori, IBD and Coeliac disease and has also been awarded multiple prizes.

He was appointed as a Clinical Fellow in Endoscopy at the Royal London Hospital in 2012. His special interests are IBD , Coeliac and therapeutic endoscopy .

He joined James Paget in June 2013. He is one of the few endoscopist who has an authority in his field.

He provides high quality dedicated service for therapeutic upper GI endoscopies inclusive of hemostasis for acute upper GI bleed, luminal dilatation and stenting, variceal banding, Argon Plasma Coagulation, EMR of upper GI lesions, removal of category III polyps, chromoendoscopy, PEG/NJ tube insertions and enteroscopy.  Dr Saleem performs a dedicated list for Barrett’s surveillance and provide training for middle grade into our trust.

He performs approximately 300 colonoscopies per annum with 98.6 % uncorrected caecal intubation rate (including terminal ileum intubation where indicated) with a mean polyp detection rate of 34%, adenoma detection rate of 17.5% ( aiming to achieve >20% ) and mean comfort score of 1.88 before correction.  These figures are up to date and revised as per JAG.