Mr Suresh K Gupta

Mr Suresh K GuptaMr Suresh K Gupta
MS, FRCS, DIP(Urol), FRCS(Urol)

Consultant Urologist

James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Spire Norwich Hospital


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Professional Profile
Mr Gupta is a General Consultant Urologist who specialises in the management of Prostate disease and Female Urological problems. He currently serves as a Consultant Urologist at James Paget University Hospital (JPUH), NHS Foundation Trust, Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom. He does a private clinic at East Point Consulting Rooms (EPCR) at James Paget University Hospital and has admitting and operating rights at Spire Hospital, Norwich.

Mr Gupta did his post graduation training and obtained Masters degree in Surgery in India. In the UK, he initially trained in General Surgery and was awarded Fellowship in General Surgery in 1992. He later trained in Urology at Worthing District General Hospital and was Senior Registrar at Institute of Urology in London and Royal Liverpool Hospital. He obtained Fellowship in Urology in 1998. He has published Research articles in Urology in peer-reviewed journals and done presentations at National and International Urology Conferences. He is a member of British and European Association of Urology. He is married to a Genito-Urinary Medicine consultant.

Urology Services Offered
General Urology Consultations
Blood in urine
High PSA: TRUS biopsy of prostate
Prostatic Enlargement
Prostate cancer
Bladder cancer
Kidney stone
Urinary infections
Painful urination
Urinary incontinence in women
Hydrocele, scrotal pain
Vasectomy reversal

Special Interest Services
LASER Surgery
Prostatic Enlargement

Mr Gupta was instrumental in starting and developing LASER Urological Surgery at James Paget University Hospital. The Department has acquired the latest High wattage Holmium laser and has a fully equipped and LASER compliant theatre with well trained staff. He has accumulated vast experience in Holmium LASER Enucleation of Prostate (HOLEP); having done over 100 procedures with good results confirmed in a recently completed prospective audit. The procedure has minimal risk of bleeding and is a preferred option for patients with significant medical problems. It has a short convalescence period and most cases can be performed as a day case procedure.

Renal stone treatment
With the availability of LASER and flexible Ureteroscopes, most small to medium size stones anywhere in kidney and ureter can be treated endoscopically as a day case procedure. The results are good.  Being minimally invasive, the procedure causes minimal disruption of normal daily activities.

Female Urology
Mr Gupta has a special interest in the management of Recurrent urinary tract infections, painful bladder conditions and voiding problems. He offers appropriate investigations and management of these conditions, which are benign but often quite troublesome.

Female Urinary Incontinence
The treatment of female urinary incontinence has been transformed with availability of vaginal tapes (TVTO, TVT). Mr Gupta has huge experience in minimally invasive procedures like insertion of vaginal tapes as well as open procedures in complex incontinence problems. He audits his results on a regular basis and has a high success rate.

Intravesical Botox
Intravesical injection of Botox is a recent and probably the most effective treatment of Idiopathic and Neuropathic Urinary Incontinence, when standard medical treatment has failed. He introduced this treatment in this region in 2007.  His results show significant improvement in over 80% of cases.