Special Clinics

Special Clinics

A special clinic is held for minor surgical procedures.  Example special clinics can be found below

What is the Sports Injury Clinic?
At the Sports Injury Clinic we provide specialist treatment and rehabilitation to anyone suffering from pain or dysfunction resulting from a sports or occupational injury.

This clinic is run by our Specialist Orthopaedic Consultants. Our specialists treat sports people including football players, athletes, boxers and rugby players. But our services are not just for sports people with sports injuries. Whether you’re an office worker or athlete, we can help you.

Our comprehensive treatments ensure early recovery from your symptoms, so you can return to everyday life at your optimum level of fitness as soon as possible. We identify the ROOT of the problem – By utilising the latest technology in diagnosis and treatment we offer the best facilities to aid your rehabilitation and speedy recovery. Simply, you’ll get better and stay better.

What is Smell and Taste Clinic?
Our sense of smell (olfaction) is constantly helping us throughout the day whether we’re noticing it not. The delightful aromas of lunch on its way, the smell of cut grass or flowers can put a smile on many faces.

The scent of rural Norfolk reminds us all where we’ve chosen to live and don’t forget that your sense of smell is also a highly sensitive warning system – alerting us to danger signals such as a gas leak, supper burning on the stove or the mouldy food in the fridge.

Losing this sense can therefore have various negative effects – whether it’s missing out on the sensory pleasures of the world around us, losing this honed warning alert or occasionally it may be a sign of more serious health problem.

Anosmia is the term used for a complete loss of smell and hyposmia is the term used for a reduced sense of smell.

In the UK to date there has been no specialist centre for smell and taste disorders such as can be found in many European countries and in North America. This smell & taste clinic therefore is the first of its kind in the UK.