Audiology is a branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders

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EPCR Audiology Services

Our Audiologists and Hearing Therapist are UK trained and have decades of experience working in the regions hospitals assessing and managing a full range of hearing and auditory disorders.

  • Tinnitus
  • All types of hearing loss
  • Hyperacusis
  • Discreet Hearing aids
  • Advice on hearing protection.

Difficulties with our hearing or other conditions such as tinnitus can lead to avoidable problems which can have a significant impact on our lives and that of our family’s. These problems can be resolved with a personalised hearing care program, an important part of this program could be the very latest in digital hearing instrument technology. At EPCR we offer all styles of hearing instruments to assist every level of hearing loss, and help people to carry on their lives so that their hearing does not become a problem that may isolate them from their family and friends.
When it is found that a particular condition may require treatment we will liase and work closely with our ENT Consultant Surgeon colleagues to ensure the continuity of the highest level of clinical healthcare.

At EPCR our aim is to provide you with the very best care, focused on your own unique needs.

Mr Rob Shepheard

Meet the team

Our Audiology Services is Mr Rob Shepheard.  After completing his training at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, in London at Charing Cross Hospital, and The Royal National ENT Hospital, Grays Inn Road, he has worked in our regions Hospitals for some 26 years.

To view the Mr Shepheard’s profile and further information please click this link:- Mr Rob Shepheard