Gynaecology or gynecology is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive systems (vagina, uterus and ovaries) and the breasts.

Literally, outside medicine, it means “the science of women”. Its counterpart is andrology, which deals with medical issues specific to the male reproductive system.

Almost all modern gynaecologists are also obstetricians (see obstetrics and gynaecology). In many areas, the specialties of gynaecology and obstetrics overlap.

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Mr Nick Oligbo

Meet the team

Our Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist is Mr Nick Oligbo, who works at James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where the East Point Consulting Rooms are located.  He has been a consultant Gynaecologist at the James Paget University hospital since 2001.

Mr Oligbo has presented and published widely in gynaecology, both nationally and internationally, and is also well known for his communication skills.

To view Mr Oligbo’s profile and further information please click this link:- Mr Nick Oligbo